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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sheer Bliss!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I feel like it has been sometimes I didnt update my this blogsphere. Yes, it has. I was legally finished my practical @ lab examinations. (yeay!!) But however, that's too early to celebrate because the next will be more tormenting. By the way, dont ask my verdict on the previous exam. Overall I can comment on is Alhamdulillah, I've tried my very best for them (I guess so~). And I believe in trust that Allah will always gives what's best for each of us. InsyaAllah..

Liyana, Aimi and Me on our first day exam

Everyone is getting ready for the final preparations apparently.

Frankly speaking, I enjoyed my whole day yesterday doing absolutely nothing. Nothing on my study account I mean. I left everything related to medicine for the sake of rest and recuperating myself. Otherwise I'll collapse due to my sleep deficiency (Alasan..and its lame.hoho). I went to Sikkah with Asma on the same day we finished our paper. We strolled around there for an hour or so. And of course it cost a pretty penny because we were 'accidentally' did some shopping (kuang3). I hitted the hay immediately when I was home. (penatt..!). So I tell you what? That was a sheer bliss!

Okay Syakila, enough with the temporary happiness of finishing the exam as if you've completed the whole course. Slap your cheeks and keep concious. Thank you.

Well, I did some screening on what I should do as regards the next examinations. Oh, dont worry.. I didnt even open the book yet. Perhaps, I opened it but then slept 5 minutes after that or.. maybe less. And all I did is actually arranging everythings back to regain the study mood and mode. Let's just give the photos speak.

The battle field

The reminders

My recent favorite quote. Stick it on tingkap as I didnt find any other suitable place though. Huhu.

This is nonsense. I just like the colorful colors. (heh?)

Oh, I had something on my mind to share actually. Its okay. I'll somehow do an entry on that next time InsyaAllah. I just need more 'rest'. Good luck for the next endeavours for myself and my colleagues! Go go!


joegrimjow said...

final start on 28th june