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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt

The air is getting tighter. Had been lodged by the aura of miscellaneous behaviors of peoples. And I? Alhamdulillah..There were spaces left which I wont suffocate and I brought myself there. Exam steals the value of everyone's life. They are lost. Totally lost. They're themselves full of ignorance and selfishness. "Do I care?" is the common vent of their heart even it isnt shouted orally.

Times are now ischemic, managed unstable. The requirements exceeding the supply.If time is human being, it might be cured by nitroglycerine or calcium channel blocker. But poor them, they cant. Moreover, they have to keep on flowing even the lumens are getting strictured. They cannot retrograde. Cannot even once.

The environment are stressfull enough to give me the fever. The sneezes are troublesome. The mucous is annoying. Tissues concuering the trash can. Swallowing antipyretic and nasal decongestant doesnt helps enough. Headache deviates my attention. I'm not focus. Frankly not.

I need to do something. Reminder. Yes, reminder! To remind me about the exam which getting closer, closer and closer.

I decided to make a table of the days left before the exam. Recycling the blue-colored plastic which previously covering my microbiology note which I never read 'em (beli je lebih). Divided it into two parts : PRACTICAL on the left side and FINAL on the other side. By referring on my planner book, I counted the days left for the first paper I'll sit for both exams. I count it manually with my slender fingers. Calculator isnt brilliant enough to count such things (heh?). Its not an equation though. Hurmm..Practical : 14. Final : 39. Haaaah??!

I was attacked by palpitation. Sympathetic stimulation taking upper hand on the normal tone. The fight and fright phenomenon takes place. My adrenaline and noradrenaline secreted vigorously through the synaptic cleft. Reaching more on my heart. Too much enough to bring me into the tachycardiac state. My blood pressure rises. And I found no beta-blockers with me. Neither propanolol nor atenolol. It was only my mind which manage to control this emergency situation. Okay..relax..relax..

I won. Mary's Law takes control, bring back the normal tones via the compensatory reflex. Alhamdulillah. I took the deep breath, relaxing my mind.

I took a white opaque paper from the rim. Then the ruler. The ruler..Ha,where's my favorite looong ruler? Oh, its here. It is translucent. I can barely noticed where it is. Ruler helps me on making the straight line. Oh, not to forget the 6-month-old mechanical pencil as well. Thank you by the way. Hurm..something is deficient. I switch on my desk lamp. Whoa, it was now clear. Bright enough to sketch the table.

Title : TO-DO LIST. Subtitle : PRACTICAL and FINAL.

I drag the not-yet-accomplished task from my previous table. Adding the new tasks. Allahuakbar, it seems a lot. Okay..again...relax..Lets redivide them into IMPORTANT+URGENT and IMPORTANT+LESS URGENT. Rearrange them appropriately. Double checked for anything missed. Perfect. Put the double-sided tape and stick on the wall just within my visual field so that I'll recognize it all the time.

Took another paper. Wrote some booster words.



3) BEAT THEM! : K*****, F******, I****, M******, R******* and I*********.

Okay I'm done.


Okay, lets sleep. (hohoho)

nb : the golden key of managing stress is actually KEMBALI KE SEJADAH. it works very much.