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Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 Lassie's Gathering

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah finally our final examination finished. Yippies! Overall,everything was jz fine.Alhamdulillahhhh.. Kita sudah berusaha dan ikhtiar n now the right thing to do is Tawakkal a'la Allah. May He gives us the best. Kullu najjah mumtazin.

Okay, as promised, i'll post the entry about our gathering which was held on 26th July back and venued at Hadiqah (taman). We gathered together sebab everybody seems like going back to Malaysia during this summer break. And akan balik Mansoura jz after raya. So,berkumpullah untuk kali terakhir bagi sesi 2008. Thus celebrating our kemerdekaan of 2nd year though. And the most exciting is next September we're all insyaAllah will be the 3rd year student. yeay!

Since the picture is worth thousand words, I put together pictures taken during this occasion so you can see all for yourself.

Chocolate Cake

Assalamualikum w.b.t

Yesterday, we had a splendid Lassie's Gathering untuk 2008 punye Farewell Party venued kat Hadiqah(last year Pizza Party) We were kinda panic because my whole housemate apparently were'nt informed about the party. Pagi itu baru tahu. Plus we had to bring along a potluck for each rumah and present for each person. Alahai~sangat tidak sempat nampaknye.

So I pun carik2 nak masak ape from my recipes collection. And finally we decided to bake some choc cake in lieu of our time yang sangat2 tak sempat untuk buat benda lain. Me and two of my housemates mulakanlah kerja2 membuat cake itu.

Since that was my very first self-made choc cake, I found it was so0o exciting sebab kek itu naik! wOw! So, i would like to share the secret recipe. Sangat mudah i tell you. And this recipe is credit to And tidak lupa juga, this cake was totally sponsored by somebody yang IDnya perlu di rahsiakan. Terima kasih!

our choc cake

Chocolate Cake


  • 2 biji telur
  • 1 cawan minyak masak
  • 1 cawan gula pasir
  • 1 cawan gula perang (takde pun tidak mengapa)

Bahan A

  • 1 sudu kecil vanila
  • 1 1/2 cawan susu segar perisa coklat
  • 1/2 cawan air campur dgn 2 sudu kecil nescafe

Bahan B

  • 2 sudu kecil sodium bicarbonate (letak sikit je pun tidak mengapa)
  • 1 sudu kecil baking powder
  • 1/2 cawan serbuk koko
  • 2 cawan tepung gandum


Bahan A

  • 1 biji telur
  • 1 cawan gula

Bahan B

  • 1 1/2 cawan serbuk koko
  • 1 cawan minyak masak
  • 2 kotak kecil susu coklat

Cara-cara membuatnya:

  1. Pukul telur hingga kembang.
  2. Masukkan gula dan pukul lagi. Pukul sehingga kembang.
  3. Kemudian masukkan minyak masak.
  4. Ayak semua bahan B dan masukkan sedikit demi sedikit ke dalam telur tadi berselang seli dengan bahan A. Gaul sehingga sebati.
  5. Bakar pada suhu 170 degree selama 1 jam atau sehingga masak.
  6. Untuk topping, pukul bahan A sehingga kembang. Then masukkan bahan B yang dah di campur berasingan sebelum itu. Masukkan susu coklat. Lepas tu masak atas api kecil.

Simple kan? Well, selamat mencuba!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Trip to Jabal Musa (Mount Sinai)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Few month back, during winter break, i happened to join a trip to Sinai which was organized by PERUBATAN. I was so ecstatic then. Probably because that was my very first visit to Sinai.And since I was here in Egypt, i've been nowhere though.huhu.

I did some homework about Sinai to make you enjoy through my journey even you arent there.


Semenanjung Sinai atau Sinai merupakan satu semenanjung berbentuk segitiga yang terletak di antara Laut Mediterranean (ke utara) dan Laut Merah (ke selatan), yang terletak di Mesir. Ia mempunyai keluasan sebanyak 60,000 kilometer persegi.

Gunung Sinai terletak di sebelah selatan semenanjung ini.Semenanjung Sinai (b. Arab: شبه جزيرة سيناء) adalah sebuah semenanjung berbentuk segi tiga yang terletak di Asia Barat namun menjadi bagian dari Mesir di Afrika. Daratan seluas 60.000 km² ini dibatasi oleh Laut Tengah di utara, Laut Merah di selatan, Terusan Suez di barat, dan perbatasan dengan Israel di timur laut.

Semenanjung Sinai hampir seluruhnya terdiri dari padang pasir namun ada penduduk di pesisir Sabah di Taba (dekat kota Eilat, Israel) dimana terdapat hotel dan kasino. Lebih ke selatan lagi, terdapat Nuweiba, Dahab, serta Sharm el-Sheikh. Di pesisir utara, ada penduduk di dekat Jalur Gaza yaitu di El-Arish.Gunung Sinai terletak di sebelah selatan semenanjung ini.

Gunung Sinai (juga dikenal dengan nama Jabal Musa جبل موسَى dalam bahasa Arab) adalah sebuah gunung yang terletak di Semenanjung Sinai di Mesir. Tingginya 2.285 meter dan berada di barisan pegunungan di sebelah selatan semenanjung tersebut.

Before the journey
Terusan Suez

We visited Kubu Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi which placed at Taba.We can see the meeting of 4 different countries which is Egpt, Syria, Israel and Jordan there.

Kubu Salahuddin Al-Ayubi and the meeting spot of 4 countries

At the border of Taba - Eilat City, Israel

We then spent our night at Dahab, one of the famous place among local or even foreign tourist. The best part of Dahab was the scenery. It was fantastic.


We paid jeep to went for The Blue Hill, the oasis which placed at the middle of desert. I witnessed a part of great creation of Allah there. And the best word i could say was Subhanallah.

The Blue Hill

The next day, we continued our journey to the Mount Sinai. We dropped by at the Setting of Prophet Salleh and The Golden Calf on our way. I experienced the unta riding there. That was totally awesome!

Setting of Prophet Salleh, The Golden Calf and Unta!

We then spent overnight at cottage nearby Mount Sinai, rested and recuperated before hiking. Nearly 3 a.m we started our exploration to the top of Sinai Mountain. I took almost 3 hours to reach the top! Pheww.I felt like crying. The temperature at the peak made me suffer from frost bite.It was damn freezing cold (hyperbolanye~). I enjoyed sunrise scenery by the way.

At the top of Mount Sinai

Alhamdulillah.Thank you Allah for giving me chances to enjoy the lesson of His creations.

Physiology of Fever

source:Physiology text book for 2nd year,Mansoura University

What is fever?
Fever is elevation of body temperature due to a resetting of hypothalamic thermostat.

What is hypothalamic thermostat?

It is the main regulator of body temperature. It is located in the hypothalamus. It adjust core temperature at set point (36.6 c -37.2 c) by controlling heat loss and heat production.

A person with a fever still regulates body temperature in respose to heat or cold but at higher set point (above 37.2 c).

What cause fever?

The most common cause of fever is infection, but physical trauma and stress can also induce fever.

Pathophysiology of thermostat resetting

Chemical messengers collectively called endogenous pyrogens (EP) are release from macrophages as well as other type of cell in the presence of infection or other fever producing stimuli.

EP circulates in the blood and reaches the brain to act upon the thermoreceptors in the hypothalamus thus altering their input to integrating center.This resets the thermostat at a new higher level.The immediate mechanism of the resetting is thr local synthesis and release of prostaglandins within the hypothalamus.

How aspirin act on reducing fever?

Aspirin always taken to reduce fever.Aspirin reduces fever by inhibiting prostaglandins synthesis thus re-resetting of the hypothalamic thermostat into its normal set point.

Body Temperature

Normal body temperature is 36.6 c to 37.2 c with absolute limit of life 20 c - 42 c.

How to measure body temperature?

Body temperature is measured by measuring body core temperature by one of three method.
  1. Oral method - by measuring temperature through the mouth.This method is simple and accurate.In some condition, oral method is prevented (eg : newly born & young children, during convulsion, during coma and in mouth breathers).
  2. Axillary method - by measuring temperature through axilla.It is used when nasal passages are blocked as in common cold and in unconsiousness.Axilla temperature is less than oral temperature by 0.5 c.
  3. Rectal method - by measuring body temperature through rectum.It is used in infants and comatosed patients.Is is higher than oral temperature by 0.5 c.

What are benefit of fever?

  • It increases production of antibodies.
  • It prevents growth of certain microorganism
  • It prevents growth of certai tumours

O Allah.

There was a young girl,
She loves Allah.
She didn't know why,
Just how much.

She talked to Him when she was lonely,
Knowing He was the One and Only.

Why, she wondered, do people fight?
When everyone knows what's right?
Why do those who should love each other,
Lie and manipulate their brother?

She thought of Allah as her best Friend,
And knew He'd listen until The End.
She wanted to please Him and do what's right,
and be surrounded by His light.

But as this bud grew into a flower,
She realized people too have power.
Power to cloud your way of thinking,
And soon she felt her Iman sinking.

Although on the outside she went along,
On the inside she was still strong.
She knew Allah was just waiting,
For the right time for her awakening.

Alhamdulillah, the love for Him was always there.
Although it was in need of repair.
One day she decided to make the Hijrah.
And make Allah her only Judge.

So a New Muslim she became,
And again began to praise His name.

I thank Allah from the bottom of my heart,
And thank the Teacher that gave me my new start.
May Allah bless you, you know who you are.
You have my Dua, whether I'm near or far.

"Ya Allah, keep me on the straight path,
And not the way that earns Your wrath.
Forgive me for the mistakes I've made,
Let me walk with patience,
on the path You've laid.
Help keep my intention to please only You.
And keep my Iman as it was, when I was new."

Taqabbalallahu minni..
Allahumma ameeenn..

Naelah Al-Farafisya Serikandi Ulung

Naelah Al-Farafisyah merupakan seorang serikandi terulung di zaman Khalifah Uthman al-Affan. Naelah merupakan seorang isteri dan penyejuk hati kepada Khalifah Uthman al-Affan.Memiliki akhlak terpuji sebagai muslimah dan di tambah dengan anugerah istimewa pemberian Penciptanya dengan memiliki wajah yang menawan hati setiap insan yang melihatnya.

Naelah merupakan sayap kiri kepada perjuangan khalifah yang sukar untuk ditukar ganti dan juga seorang isteri yang ikhlas,setia dan taat kepada suami tercinta.Ayahnya merupakan seorang penganut agama Nasrani dan bukan dari golongan Quraisy. Namun disebabkan kelebihan yang ada pada dirinya menjadikan Naelah tetap menonjol di kalangan para muslimah ketika itu. Kecantikan rupa paras, kebijaksanaan dalam apa jua bidang, kefasihan lidahnya berbicara serta kematangan pemikirannya dalam membuat keputusan menjadikannya termasuk dalam tokoh serikandi Islam yang di segani dan di contohi segenap wanita muslimah dunia yang menginginkan keistimewaan dalam hidup mereka.

Naelah banyak membantu khalifah dalam perjuangan menegakkan risalah suci di persada dunia. Peristiwa pengepungan yang berlaku selama 50 hari di rumah khalifah benar-benar menguji tahap keimanan dan kesabaran hatinya. Beliau tidak pernah berjauhan dengan khalifah, sentiasa memberi keyakinan dan semangat kepada suaminya agar terus thabat dan sabar dalam meneruskan perjuangan suci ini.

Pada ketika itu pemberontak tidak henti-henti menyerang rumah khalifah dengan batu-batan dan panah-panah. Walaupun Abdullah telah membuat perjanjian bertulis dengan orang ramai agar tidak mencederakan khalifah, namun ada juga ang mengingkarinya. Pembelotan tersebut di ketuai oleh Muhammad bin Abu Bakar.

Ketika Muhammad bin Abu Bakar dan seorang sahabat memanjat rumah khalifah, Naelah menjengukkan kepalanya di tingkap tanpa menutupi kepalanya. lalu di tegur khalifah.

"Naelah, tutuplah rambutmu kerana rambutmu lebih besar nilainya daripada nyawaku ini."

Tatkala kedua-dua pembelot itu berada di hadapannya, Naelah sudah bersedia untuk melindungi suami tercinta.Lelaki pertama cuba menyerang khalifah dengan pedangnya, namun dihalang oleh Naelah dengan tangan hingga putus jarinya. Kemudian Muhammad bin Abu Bakar menghayunkan pedangnya pula tetapi ditahan oleh Naelah dengan tangannya ang lain hingga putus juga jarinya. Kemudian dengan kejam Muhammad bin Abu Bakar mencabut janggut khalifah, memukul kepala dan menikam beliau. Tanpa sedikitpun perasaan belas kasihan di hati, Muhammad bin Abu Bakar telah menyelar tubuh khalifah hidup-hidup. Namun apabila Muhammad bin Abu Bakar ingin memenggal kepala khalifah, Naelah menahan dengan tubuhnya. Malangnya, mereka berdua ditolak-tolak dan dipijak-pijak.

Selepas peristiwa pembunuhan khalifah, tiada seorangpun yang berani menguruskan dan memandikan jenazah beliau. Sehinggalah Naelah menghantar utusan kepada Jubair bin Hizam dan Hawatib bin Abdullah al-Uzza. Mereka juga tidak berani untuk mengebumikan jenazah beliau di siang hari, akhirnya terpaksa dikebumikan antara waktu maghrib dan isyak. Naelah mendahului mereka dengan membawa lampu kecil untuk menerangi kegelapan malam.

Peristiwa pembunuhan khalifah inilah yang membawa kepada pertelingkahan dan perselisihan dua puak di antara Muawiyah dan Saidina Ali. Justeru, ratusan ribuan nyawa umat Islam terkorban akibat dari peristiwa ini. Bagi mendamaikan antara puak ini, Naelah telah menghantar surat kepada Muawiyah yang berbunyi

"Jika dua golongan dari kaum itu berperang hendaklah kamu damaikan antara keduanya. Sekiranya salah satu keduanya melanggar perjanjian kepada yang lain, maka perangilah mereka itu sehingga mereka kembali pada Allah."

Surat tersebut dihantar bersama pakaian khalifah yang telah terkoyak dan dipenuhi darah. Pada butang bajunya diikat janggut khalifah ang dicabut oleh Muhammad bin Abu Bakar. Beliau juga turut mengirimkan lima jarinya yang terpotong sebagai tanda telah berlaku pembelotan dan pembunuhan ke atas khalifah.

Selepas kewafatan suaminya, Naelah terus diselubungi kesedihan yang teramat sangat sehingga datang Muawiyyah meminang beliau. Tetapi pinangan tersebut ditolak mentah-mentah. Untuk mengelakkan dirinya terus dipinang, beliau telah mencabut dan mematahkan gigi sehingga orang ramai kehairanan. Ada yang bertanya kepada beliau.

"Mengapakah kamu mematahkan gigi-gigimu yang cantik itu?"

Jawapan yang beliau berikan.

"Saya tidak mahu kesedihan saya terhadap kematian Uthman menjadi pudar sebagaimana pudarnya kain-kain buruk dan saya juga tidak mahu lelaki mengetahui apa yang ada pada diriku sebagaimana ynag telah diketahui oleh Uthman."

Kata-kata tersebut adalah lambang kecintaan dan kesetiaan beliau kepada suami tercinta yang telah dibinuh di hadapan mata kepalanya sendiri.Beliau juga banyak menggubah syair dan sajak yang diabadikan untuk suaminya. Juga tidak ada perkahwinan kedua dalam hidupnya selepas Khalifah Uthman al-Affan.Naelah al-Farafisya lambang peribadi mulia seorang serikandi Islam yang sanggup menggadaikan jiwa ragana demi mempertahankan suami tersayang dan Islam tercinta di zaman beliau.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
I was actually did some reading for my becoming Psychology exam. I had never read anything before. Never attended any lecture of Psychology though. How pathetic! hehe.
Anyway back to the original story entitled above. INTELLIGENCE. One of the subtopic of Psycho that i found it kind of interesting! Let's check it out!

What is intelligence?
Intelligence is the aggregate (total) capacity of individual to :
  1. act with something purposefully
  2. think rationally
  3. deal effectively with the environment
How to measure intelligence level?

We could know the level of intelligence level by Intelligence Quotient (I.Q)

What is Intelligence Quotient (I.Q)?

I.Q. (intelligence quotient) in general, is an assessment of your ability to think and reason. IQ score is a standardized way of comparing this ability with the majority of people the same age as you are.
A score of 100 means that compared to these people in your general age group that you have basically an average intelligence. Most psychologists would say those scoring in a range of 95 to 105 are of a normal intelligence or have an average IQ.

I.Q = ( mental age in years/chronological age year) x 100

And the distribution of intelligence among people is bell-shaped curve.

What factors affecting intelligence?

  1. Hereditary - the inherited factors are transmitted through genes. So that intelligent parents usually have intelligent children and dull parents usually have dull children.

  2. Enviroment - the enviroment affects the individual from conception to the age 16 - 18 years maximum intelligence is reached. Any disturbance during this period may affected intelligence.

Is intelligence constant?

Intelligence is nearly constant up to the age of 25-30 years with fluctuation +-10 I.Q points. After the age of 30 years there's gradual deterioration.

What type of intelligence disorder that occasionally occur?

  1. Dementia - gradual & permanent deterioration of the intelligence funtion after the age of 18 years. This due to vascular, inflammatory, degenerative or traumatic disease.

  2. Mental Retardation - is conditon of arrested mental development before the age of 18 years due to disease or injury. Basically their I.Q is below 70.

How to test intelligence?

  1. Performance test - to measure the manual ability of individual.
  2. Verbal test - to measure the linguistic & abstract ability of individual.
  3. Combined test - both performance and verbal.

I did an I.Q test. My I.Q is 141!