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Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Fast

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Ziyad is 5-month-old today! How fast times flew. He's now able to do many things. Yet want to explore everything. Dah boleh menirap and guling2. Already get bored to his rattle and teether. Admire plastics so much. Always playing bubbles with his saliva. Macam-macam lagi lah this clever boy can do.

Thank you Allah for always protect my dear son. May Ziyad grows up so well. Ummi loves you Ziyad!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Malaysia of Free Package

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Such a very long long hiatus.

Tidak sedikit yang bertanya keadaan kami sekeluarga semasa Mesir dilanda krisis lebih kurang sebulan yang lalu. Terima kasih pada yang prihatin. We are doing good at that time.

Well...many things happen.

And the most highlightened is -> we extremely enjoyed the free package of returning Malaysia so much. Thank you Allah for the rezeki yang jatuh dari langit ini as going back to Malaysia by our self-expenses make us think more than twice. huhu.

Ziyad is growing up so well. Ziyad is no more Mohammad Thoriq Ziyad. He was registered on different name. It will be such a long long story to be written. Cerita lain kali lah ye? But still, we prefer to call him Ziyad. Lidah dah terbiasa.

Malaysia is more fun when we came back with a 'combo set' of menantu and cucu of both family. Jalan-jalan keliling kampung bertemu sanak saudara. Having good time spent along the way of traveling from Selangor-Kedah bersama family kecil kami ini. With a lot of things to be managed and settled. Alhamdulillah, percutian kali ini bukan sia-sia.

Okay, since no time to jot much. In brief, Malaysia for this time is more than words.

Enjoy some photos of Abd Kadir's.