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Monday, March 16, 2009

It comes again and again.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

This evening, when I asked Doctor about practical examinations, she told me that the schedule was came out. So on my way back home, my friends and I did some skodeng at Shu'un Tullab (students department), find out high and low for the mentioned examination's schedule. I then approached the malaysians crowd assuming that they were looking at the schedule since their heads were all like kura-kura keluar dari cengkerangnya. Guess what?

  • Parasitology : 11th April 2009
  • Pharmacology : 14th April 2009
  • Microbiology : 15th April 2009
  • Pathology : 16th April 2009

The exams will be less than month from now! What a joke? (okay this is not joke. its for real)

And for this becoming Saturday (21st March 2009), we'll sit for Pharmacology Clinical Cases test.

My feelings are now intermingled by the exams.

Since my preparations at this moment are merely about 5% (diulangi : 5 peratus sahaja!) , I've decided to give this blog a rest. I have to manage my time properly. I need to prepare the remaining 95% so as to pass my practical papers with flying colors. I was actually threatened by NO MUMTAZ, NO MALAYSIA as well.

Do pray for all of our successes friends!

"Wahai Allah, permudahkalah segala urusan kami."


izzati.abdullah said...

gud luck.i also start my xm on da same date.yup give a blog a rest.but even when ur r under stress why not u share sumthing here.jgn lupe dakwah anda di sini!.ameen.ameen.ameen.

ismisyakila said...

Assalamualaikum wbt.

InsyaAllah..I know i'll later crave on jotting down something here during studying or probably whenever i feel stress.I'll just give them a rest n not to leave it. no worries kak zati ;) may Allah blesses us and gives us najah insyaAllah. towards najah! (^__^)