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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tearing My Brain Into Pieces

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Okay, what should I start with?


Hmm..Dont ask my verdict on the previous examination. I was 'totally okay' with the 60 qs that I managed to finish it in less than an hour with headache,malaise, rhinorrhea and bad surrounding ventilation. huhu. Okay,considering that I had already adapt with the poor (read : not too bad) systems here, plus I know they wont listen to the comments (sometimes they do listen but take more or less no action), so, no comments at all. At least, they didnt kick me out of the hall for fear of I would probably bring another attack of Swine Flu.

I attended the Social and Sport Day held by the Department. The venue was kinda exaggerating *tepi Sungai Nil. But the activities was *sorry to say* BOORINGGG~. With my drug that had lost their actions, I went through the very bad moment on SSDay. My colleagues threw their temper tantrums over the Egyptian which biasly won the games. Well, what do you expect from them dearie. Sabar je lah. But I bet my dear PUTERIs have had a brief beautiful and exiciting moment during that day. Am I right PUTERIs? wink*

Alhamdulillah Thank You my Dearest Allah, we now officially finish our Community Medicine and Public Health round *dengan cemerlangnya. But lectures will go on as usual as before. Start at 8 (which I always been the last person who entered the hall.bagus2.) and finish our class at 12 everyday (lecture + round). TWELVE okay. What a sheer bliss! (Seronoknya tahun 4 wahai adik2..)

The next round will be Ophtalmology. I'm kinda worry to begin it since seniors freak me with the ophtal-ni-susah-tau. Btw, thank you for the very stimulating booster dose. I'll prepare myself for the kesusahan itu. Kena beli lampu yang untuk check pupils dilatation tu nampaknya. I bet this time will be better than ENT round as we will meet patients and directly check their eyes over and over again, to become familiar with their beautiful *but poorly diseased eyes so as to pass the exam. Seronok2~ (Another point of Seronoknya tahun 4 wahai adik2)

Hmm..Sometimes *actually most of the times I wish that I could tear my brain into pieces *euphemism*. Satu untuk unit akademik, satu untuk study, satu untuk diri sendiri satu untuk bla bla.. satu untuk bla bla.. bla bla bla.. Oh, heaps of things to think about. *Topsy-turvy-up-side down mode.

But frankly speaking, I enjoy myself with those things to be think *yeah* because if you know the fact that the more we use our brain, the more cells will be stimulated *up to 1 trilion! MashaAllah! So, the more I think, the more brainy I will be. *lame enough to persuade myself hehe. But seriously, Allah gives us the very very very great brain which enable us to think about lots of things without simply intermingling and overlapping one thing another. Masha Allah. Tabarakallah!

Okay still, a lot of things to do, to take care of and et cetera. Kepada sesiapa yang offer diri untuk membantu tu, dont worry dear, I'll call you later and might be soon. You better on call with your phone by your side all the time. Yang dah habis exam tu, akan menjadi mangsa. Sekian, terima kasih.

Maafkan saya kerana macam exaggerated, excited and apa2 ex-ted lagi. I'm a good liar if I say I'm not. Ye lah, round Com med dah habis kan? (^_~)* And last but not least, Doakan Doakan Doakan segalanya berjalan dengan baik. Amin Ya Rabb.


GadisBerbajuBiru said...

nty panggil la saya.hehe
insyaALLAH,ku doakan semua nya baik2 saje..

hadapi dengan senyuman (^_^)

AbuHumairah said...

Assalamualaikum ukhti,

I already thought to do da same 'tearing-brain-thing'...huhuh.
Sometimes, it's too much to be handle of,
but another time there's nothing...
and most of them ~I really thanks Allah 4 da enjoyable+serabut things...hehe.

* Pray 4 everything will be okay,
and if u suka-suki gave me the hmwork,
I with suka-hatinya terima hw tu...(tpi xde due date kan? lalala~)

Semoga tsabat berjuang...
(bkan ke taun 2 agy best? huhuhu)

mimz said...

tahun 2 @ tahun 4??
dua2 best..
kalau xlalui tahun 2, cmna nk lalui tahun 4...

org mcm abuhumairah yg kta cari...rajin bekerja..hoho..
-thumbs up-

~senyum sokmo~

izzati.abdullah said...

smoga baik2 sahaja.btol tu..kalau xlalui thn 2 cmne nk naik thn 4..
kte akan guna basic yg kita duk blaja skrg smpi ble2..basic xkuat camne nk kukuhkan bangunan!

*rabbuna yusahhilna:)

ismisyakila said...

Biru, u r the first person yg akak akan panggil.hoho.

AbuHumairah, akak takes ur word. Due date dia smpi after exam :p

Sedang mencari homework utk diserah pada mimz pula. kehs3.

Betul Kak Jiji.Study lah baik2 adik2ku because I tell u what,clinical years are very exciting. But seriously, it'll b more easier if u mastered ur theoritical years.Semua benda kena guna balik.huhu.