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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tadrib Lil Soifi

Assalamualaikum wbt.

As spring and summer start to open up their first petals, colors start to flood everywhere. You flip one page after the other of your diary with expectancy of finding the empty spaces of any of your becoming days but you found none of them are free. It seems like every day is a pretty hectic day. Madrasah, kelas bahasa, attachment and everything. Don't panic. That's what we call life. So have fun with it! And thats what I do.

Before the holiday I'd planned many activities that can fill a big part of my holiday. Alhamdulillah Thank you Allah, so far each plan goes very well. I devoted my time and energy enjoying the holiday with no more nothing-to-do. (as I always complained myself : "what do I do?" on the previous years). And the most exciting things is joining an attachment programme. Surgery, ward round, clinic - and that was just awesome when I was enabled to capture bunch of experiences from my first round on Oncology Centre of Mansurah University Hospital.

And the good thing of that is : IT MAKES ME REOPEN MY BOOKS. Brilliant! (It sharpen my knowledge. Thank you Allah.)
I had just finished my first round. The second should be at GIT Centre start from next week but I guess I should'nt be able to make it for some reason. Oh I'll really miss those moments.

Okay since pictures speak thousand words, attached herewith are some of the photos during the course.

The Oncology Centre

.Get ready to watch surgeries

Anesthetic process before the surgery




Pediatric Oncology Ward

During the ward-round with Dr. Nashrene

One of the patient with Metastatic Neuroblastoma


shatrah said...

seronok nya tgk kak ila kat dalam Oprtn. theater!! :))

Hidayah said...

waa darah!! darah!!


ismisyakila said...

they will suck the blood before it drips la ida.tiada darah pun :p

a-m-i-r said...

pict surgery ni patutnye clasified kn? hehe..kurang tau la..

~AiNa~ said...

salam.. kak kiki..
boleh kongsi cerite skit?? mcm mane k.kiki buat attachment ye?? kene mohon mane2 ke tu??
aina berminat nak tahu la k.kiki..=) boleh??

ismisyakila said...


Aina, aina boleh refer pada entri akak bulan Jun entitled 'Summer Break : Iklan'. Di situ ada cara2 untuk apply attachment di hospital gama'ah. But i'm not sure for dentistry is it the same or not. :)