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Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer's Special Edition : SHE'S MARRIED

Assalamualaikum wbt.


and yes she is.

I met her last night as a no-longer-our- housemate after about a month and I could see obviously clear the shining bright of 'seri pengantin' behind an arc of ghost-oval of her milky translucent blushed face. And the hennas are still freshly there on her pink and plump fingers.

I remember when the first time she announced that she was getting married. Suprisingly, there were none of us getting shocked eventhough she never said anything about it before. (My mandible joint was a bit loosed actually but I pretend not to be shocked. And I know the others was just similar.haha)

"So when, exactly, are you getting married?" one of us asked skeptically. "And who to?"

We were vaguely expressed our interest. She's getting married man!

But poor us, she never mentioned the name. Never okay. Sullen white dents appeared in our cheeks where our jaw was set. (Owh come on aimi! Just let us know who. Your secret safe with us. - I mumbled silently- haha)

And suprise!! (for all and not for us because we predicted corre ctly whose that guy. I know we're that brilliant)

The lucky man is our honourable Pengerusi PCM 07/08 & 08/09 : Encik Muhammad Izzat Mohd Kamal. (I hope I spelled it correctly.)

My biggest and deepest congratulations on your wedding Puan Wan Aimi Rashidah Binti Wan Mokhtar. May Allah showers both of you with His blesses till Jannah and grants you both the soleh and solehah kids. InsyaAllah.
*I'm truly sorry bestfriend for not being able to attend your great day.

Baarakallahu lakuma wa baaraka 'alaikuma jama'a baynakuma fil khairin

Semoga Allah memberkatimu dan mudah-mudahan mengekalkan keberkahan atas dirimu dan mengumpulkan kamu berdua dalam kebaikan.

*sponsor's message : Dont ask us who'll be the next. None of us are next (ceh confident je). We (Imtiyaz) had kept our promise on initiating the marriage among our batch and so we did. Dear friends, do ask yourself before us okay? Who's the next? Put up your hand!


izzati.abdullah said...

who's next??hehe..
moga Allah merahmati bait muslim mereka!
moga Allah kurniakan yg tbaik buat kita semua..