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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Trip to Jabal Musa (Mount Sinai)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Few month back, during winter break, i happened to join a trip to Sinai which was organized by PERUBATAN. I was so ecstatic then. Probably because that was my very first visit to Sinai.And since I was here in Egypt, i've been nowhere though.huhu.

I did some homework about Sinai to make you enjoy through my journey even you arent there.


Semenanjung Sinai atau Sinai merupakan satu semenanjung berbentuk segitiga yang terletak di antara Laut Mediterranean (ke utara) dan Laut Merah (ke selatan), yang terletak di Mesir. Ia mempunyai keluasan sebanyak 60,000 kilometer persegi.

Gunung Sinai terletak di sebelah selatan semenanjung ini.Semenanjung Sinai (b. Arab: شبه جزيرة سيناء) adalah sebuah semenanjung berbentuk segi tiga yang terletak di Asia Barat namun menjadi bagian dari Mesir di Afrika. Daratan seluas 60.000 km² ini dibatasi oleh Laut Tengah di utara, Laut Merah di selatan, Terusan Suez di barat, dan perbatasan dengan Israel di timur laut.

Semenanjung Sinai hampir seluruhnya terdiri dari padang pasir namun ada penduduk di pesisir Sabah di Taba (dekat kota Eilat, Israel) dimana terdapat hotel dan kasino. Lebih ke selatan lagi, terdapat Nuweiba, Dahab, serta Sharm el-Sheikh. Di pesisir utara, ada penduduk di dekat Jalur Gaza yaitu di El-Arish.Gunung Sinai terletak di sebelah selatan semenanjung ini.

Gunung Sinai (juga dikenal dengan nama Jabal Musa جبل موسَى dalam bahasa Arab) adalah sebuah gunung yang terletak di Semenanjung Sinai di Mesir. Tingginya 2.285 meter dan berada di barisan pegunungan di sebelah selatan semenanjung tersebut.

Before the journey
Terusan Suez

We visited Kubu Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi which placed at Taba.We can see the meeting of 4 different countries which is Egpt, Syria, Israel and Jordan there.

Kubu Salahuddin Al-Ayubi and the meeting spot of 4 countries

At the border of Taba - Eilat City, Israel

We then spent our night at Dahab, one of the famous place among local or even foreign tourist. The best part of Dahab was the scenery. It was fantastic.


We paid jeep to went for The Blue Hill, the oasis which placed at the middle of desert. I witnessed a part of great creation of Allah there. And the best word i could say was Subhanallah.

The Blue Hill

The next day, we continued our journey to the Mount Sinai. We dropped by at the Setting of Prophet Salleh and The Golden Calf on our way. I experienced the unta riding there. That was totally awesome!

Setting of Prophet Salleh, The Golden Calf and Unta!

We then spent overnight at cottage nearby Mount Sinai, rested and recuperated before hiking. Nearly 3 a.m we started our exploration to the top of Sinai Mountain. I took almost 3 hours to reach the top! Pheww.I felt like crying. The temperature at the peak made me suffer from frost bite.It was damn freezing cold (hyperbolanye~). I enjoyed sunrise scenery by the way.

At the top of Mount Sinai

Alhamdulillah.Thank you Allah for giving me chances to enjoy the lesson of His creations.


Anonymous said...

alamak. sejuk sgt ke kat sinai? best naik unta? :D