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Friday, June 20, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
I was actually did some reading for my becoming Psychology exam. I had never read anything before. Never attended any lecture of Psychology though. How pathetic! hehe.
Anyway back to the original story entitled above. INTELLIGENCE. One of the subtopic of Psycho that i found it kind of interesting! Let's check it out!

What is intelligence?
Intelligence is the aggregate (total) capacity of individual to :
  1. act with something purposefully
  2. think rationally
  3. deal effectively with the environment
How to measure intelligence level?

We could know the level of intelligence level by Intelligence Quotient (I.Q)

What is Intelligence Quotient (I.Q)?

I.Q. (intelligence quotient) in general, is an assessment of your ability to think and reason. IQ score is a standardized way of comparing this ability with the majority of people the same age as you are.
A score of 100 means that compared to these people in your general age group that you have basically an average intelligence. Most psychologists would say those scoring in a range of 95 to 105 are of a normal intelligence or have an average IQ.

I.Q = ( mental age in years/chronological age year) x 100

And the distribution of intelligence among people is bell-shaped curve.

What factors affecting intelligence?

  1. Hereditary - the inherited factors are transmitted through genes. So that intelligent parents usually have intelligent children and dull parents usually have dull children.

  2. Enviroment - the enviroment affects the individual from conception to the age 16 - 18 years maximum intelligence is reached. Any disturbance during this period may affected intelligence.

Is intelligence constant?

Intelligence is nearly constant up to the age of 25-30 years with fluctuation +-10 I.Q points. After the age of 30 years there's gradual deterioration.

What type of intelligence disorder that occasionally occur?

  1. Dementia - gradual & permanent deterioration of the intelligence funtion after the age of 18 years. This due to vascular, inflammatory, degenerative or traumatic disease.

  2. Mental Retardation - is conditon of arrested mental development before the age of 18 years due to disease or injury. Basically their I.Q is below 70.

How to test intelligence?

  1. Performance test - to measure the manual ability of individual.
  2. Verbal test - to measure the linguistic & abstract ability of individual.
  3. Combined test - both performance and verbal.

I did an I.Q test. My I.Q is 141!