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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giving Hope Is Our Bad

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I always tried to find a suitable time for proper blogging. But sorry, never found any. 5th year is a hectic year. Especially when you're a wife and a mom. Extra-busy I think.

Paediatric is more enjoyable rather than Internal. Maybe because I love kids. Or to be more precise, because I love Ziyad. he he he.

Few days ago, I met a mother (which generally called Mama here) of Trisomy 21 kid. We (my friends & I) were actually tried to find any case of Trisomy 21 (also known as Down Syndrome) to see the characteristic features presented on them. After searching high and low from floor to floor, we finally found him accidentally in Genetic-related Disease Ward.

His name is Muhammad and he was sleeping. His body is abnormally large and he seems like 1 year-old or above. I asked the Mama how old is he and I was surprise when the Mama told me that he's 6 month-old!

I told the Mama that I have 5 month-old son named Muhammad. She asked me if its for real? because I looked so young and small :P . How can I got married and have son? Ha ha ha. I told her that I'm already 23 and its common to have son at this age even in Egypt.

Muhammad had excessive size and weight for his age. He's hypotonic and looked ill. We searched for Brachydactyle, Simian Creases, Syndal Gap, Syndal Line, Brachycephaly, Cryptochidism and many more.We also auscultate his breathing and heart sound ( but failed to diagnose any defect as its like many musical sounds inside :P)

Mama frequently asked us if his son is okay. She also asked us if Muhammad will be like us when he grows up. She asked if Muhammad is like my son, Ziyad. And several questions that expressed her 'hope' upon his son. We don't know how to answer her appropriately.

"InsyaAllah kullu quwaiyis. Kullu bikhair.."
(InsyaAllah everything will be good)

"Kalam gad?" (Cakap betul ke ni?)

"Errrr... InsyaAllah lau Doktor ha egi, fa bi uulak. Ehna tolabah. Ehna 3arif syuwayyah bas.." (If Doctor come, he'll tell you. We're student. We don't know much)

On our way back home, we felt some sort of guilt. Did we give her too much hope by telling her that everything will be just okay but actually not?

Would she feel bad when she knows that his son suffer from abnormalities?

Would she feel worse when she knows that his son would never be like us one day further?

That's our bad. Yes, our bad.


As a mother, I know how did she felt.

We, as a mother, always pray and pray that may our son or daughter will always in good conditions of health. We always will.

And even if her children is not like other normal kids, she'll never abandon their own offspring. She'll care their children more than she cares herself.

That's what we call Mother.

#Sometimes, we may forget how to be thankful to our Lord. And He will never forget to always remind us how to do so.