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Monday, April 11, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sometimes I feel like crying of no reasons. World of mine is kinda tiring. Yes, that's the truth. I always realize that these are the paths I used to choose. So I will keep step forward and never turning back. With Allah's will.

I asked Abang how to be an Extraordinary.

Abang asked me back, to whom I wanna looked/be an Extraordinary? Allah or Human-being?

I bite my tounge!

How about both? I answered him. Just after few seconds.

Frankly, Abang's question made me think more deep and wise.


Being a medical student, a wife and a mother at the same time made my life changed totally. The things are now not just about my self, my time, my life, my ambition, in brief - not all mine.

It's OURs'.

It took time for me to think rationally about :

is that a mother if you go out so often to meet your almost self-schedule and let your child grows up while you missed every steps of his milestones?


is that a wife if you just fulfill your self-contentment upon what you want and try to achieve and left your home topsy-turvy-up-side-down?

It doesn't make senses. It's not a victory of my life.

Upon above, now I know that I'm not an ordinary medical student. I am an Extraordinary.

Not all people can make this. Only some, special and selected.

And I proud to be one.

With Allah is my purpose, Quran & Sunnah is my guidance, Islam is my life, Jihad is my path, Syahid is my end, Jannah is my goal - I promise myself to make my dreams come true by an extraordinary way, extraordinary effort or even by extraordinary life I live.


Shira Shafrida said...

you're already an extraordinary msulimah, akie..


mmk said...

this is indeed not an easy peasy path..but,Allah has promised to be with u,watching u in every step u're in,counting ur every efforts n tears, n mostly got ur back when u're about to fall..

have faith n keep going my dear sister~

Rabbuna ma'aki