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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear An Apple of My Heart

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Dear Ziyad,

Ummi will be having an exam tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Having a very little time to study, Ummi have to let Abi bring you together with him for Abi's meeting and his JMB programme.

I know it's cold outside that I'm not supposed to let you go out but Ummi have no choice as Ummi unable to entertain you as soon as you cry for attention when Ummi is studying. I'm sorry Ziyad I cant always make it up for you. Being both mother and student at the same time, I feel bad that I can't spend a good time with you as much as other moms could have.

Thank you for being understand the fact that Ummi and Abi are both students. I think you have sacrified a lot for us honey as far as you've been here in this world, you've felt the ups and downs with Ummi and Abi while we were having the very very hectic days almost everyday.

But know this son, Ummi and Abi love you soo much and for that, you are going to be always very very special to both of Ummi and Abi.

And thank you very very much Abi for sacrifying yourself in every conditions and had always being here whenever Sayang and Ziyad need you.

May Allah will always showers us with His blessing in every single time either we're together or not in this very hard though beautiful journey to pursue His Jannah.

And last but not least, do always pray for Ummi and Abi in everything we do and try to achieve. Till that, Ummi loves you sayang..

Loads of LOVE,
7.48 pm
30 Nov 2010
Mansoura, Egypt

Apples of My Heart

Being a commitee of programme directed by Abi and Ummi

Clever cheeky boy

Playing alone while Ummi is studying. Kesian anak Ummi ni..

Mohammad Thoriq Ziyad


Shira Shafrida said...

May Allah blees u and family, kikie..

comel sunggh Ziyad..

All the best and gud luck, kikie..

Shira Shafrida said...


Nur Raihan said...

Ummi rindu mohammad thoriq ziyad~

(teringat masa meeting exco hari tu)

bertabah deh awok!:) good luck exam ur best..

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

Semoga Tabah menghadapi hari2 mendatang sebagai ummi dan juga pelajar. Kagum melihat ketabahan antum dgn si comel ziyad :)

May Allah bless u to be a great mom and excellent student biiznillah ^_^

Cik Hijau said...

Meh hantar Ziyad biar untie didi jaga.
Sok keje indoor je sblm mlm so bleh je nak tlng jaga sambil2.


naufarhikmah said...

assalamualaikum.i'm one of d silent reader for dis blog.I never left any comment before.But today,when i read this post,it really touch me,touch my heart,to d deepest one.I pray to Allah Ta'ala may Him give a strongest heart to both dis mujahid n mujahidah to raise ziyad in d best way that you can..inshAllah..amin

Anonymous said...

cute baby.....