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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Wed Ceremony

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Yesterday my friends n I attended a wedding ceremony. 4 couples you! Excited-lah juge bcos lame dah rasenye tak makan nasi kenduri. On our halfway nak pergi wed ceremony tu baru I realized that I forgot to bring along my digicam! Adoii. What a waste during great day camni terlupe pule bawak camera. Then terpaksa guna my handphone's camera. I felt little bit discontent because phone's camera tu resolution die 2.0 megapix je. Tak clear sangat. But its better than nothing kan?

the brides (without theirs grooms) and us

The kenduri was held at one of the students' imarah (flat). Kenduri for gentlemans were held separatedly which venued at Dewan Persada Jazirah Al-Ward (DPJA). Menu of the day was nasi,sayur acar and the yummylicious kari daging which totally tasted like kenduri punye lauklahh. I shared my meal with Asma since we had already taken our saraplunch (sarapan + lunch) before that.

Guess what..there were a lot of crowd sampai nak masuk tengok brides pun kene tunggu turn. Makan dulu kat upper floor then baru turun balik untuk tengok brides. Fortunately we arrived a bit late. So no need to be in line to get a piece of memories by taking photos with the brides. But still kene tunggu jugaklah. The newly wed brides pun seems sort of pancit je melayan heap of cameras' flash. Well, pengantin kenelahh sporting.heheh.

I was kinda surprised by the way,becouse one of the brides tu rupenye someone that I know well! Omg, sampai hati die not to inform me that she's gonna married. I told her that if she was about to suprise me, then congratulation! she did! I tumpang happy for her wedding anyway. Alhamdulillah her jodoh sampai dulu. She told me that she want me to be the next. Hahaha. What a joke. I only replied her by Allahumma ameeennnn.

After we took some photos with the brides (dapat ambik sikit je huhu) we were all rushing balik becouse we got some stuffs to do. Overall, yesterday was one of the great day that i jot down here. Tak sabar nak balik Malaysia to attend the more real wed ceremony huhu.

p/s : kakak2 sibuk mengusik "adik2 tibb ( medic) bile lagi?".Jawab makcik..jawab.. hahah.


AffanIsHere said...

adik2 tibb kn dah ramai.... ni mai after raya ni lagi ramai~ huhu..

thnk god u have a 2.0 cameraphone~ ok what 2.0.... cume skadar nk nasihat... kalau nk gambar lagi molep, setting kne betul n kne la rajin2 pakai camera phone tuh... kalau x nnti dia akan jadik "lembab"..

sekian mekasih..

izzati.abdullah said...

hm...ameen..cpt kiki cepat!!

isMi syakiLa said...

u first kak jiji!