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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The 10-mins-Test

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

This is all I wanna share you. Its about our 10 minutes Pharmaco test today. Isn't that sounds funny? Haha. And the most funniest thing is..we studied to death for that 10 minutes. (Well hurmm.. It doesnt really like WE since I pun takdelaa study kuat sangat (haha) but my housemates did.huuu~)

It's more likely my first time entered the well- or BETTER-organized exam hall. Since this exam hall are basically use during the second exam for those who reseat their paper or probably any exams not that I know of, that makes me never been here before. (alhamdulillah so far tak pernah reseat for any paper).

Takde laaa macam the narrow terowong yang selalu kitorg exam bawah ni~

But still had to went through the crowd. It apparently wont change. Urghhh~

There were 10 questions and Alhamdulillah I answered all the question even if I certainly know my answers are wrong! kuik3~ Bantai je laaa.. Its better than nothing isnt it?~

Bole lagi tersengih after kuar from exam hall. Psstt..They probably did well~

And the lessons of the day are:
  • Don't believe Doctor as regards what would the questions be. Its okay to read off from their limits. huhu. Doc kate soalan wont be out from his note.
  • Even your exam will only be in 10 minutes, dont take things easy. Bacelah buku dengan gigih! huuu~

  • Dont you ever watch the korean movie with pizza on your right hand and notes on your left hand at night before the exam. The left hand wont work!

  • Marilah kite study Pharma hari2. Susah weii!

Balik rumah je terus tido~ (basic routine after any exams even the exam only 10 minutes.huahua)

Budget malam tu ade tuition Pharma but it suddenly canceled (yeay!!) with unknown reason. (If there's reasons, I je yg tak tau kot~ malas nak amek tahu.kuik3.)

Went back home and continue on doing my delayed job bcos of the 10 minutes exam lah. Making envelopes for my Engagement Invitation Card.. jemput datang ye~

haha tipu je lah! Adoii manyaknye~! Seb baik ade Asma membantu sambil layan cite korea lagi..Thanx Asma! And I post this entry just after finishing them. Huaarghhh. I feel like sleeping~ Let's hit the hay! kuik3.